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1230 Celebration Ave.
Celebration, Florida 34747
(407) 505-8521

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  • State Licensed Class A General Contractor, visionary Business Manager, experienced in all facets of estimating, purchasing, civil site construction and project management of multi-million revenue producing projects that covered residential, commercial, and infrastructures.

  • Strategic planner and business builder, successful in managing multiple projects concurrently from the sales process and design phase to completion and transforming client’s unique visions into reality.

  • Recognized in the Industry for having extraordinary ability to offer and provide the most value, quality, cost-effectiveness, ensures personnel and subcontractor accountability and efficiency.

  • Effectively coordinate strategic business directions to maximize growth, profit and return on investment.

Areas of Competencies and Expertise:

  • Business operations and organizational start-up

  • Financial management/profit & loss administration

  • Venture capital development

  • Project feasibility analysis/specification development

  • Value engineering and conceptual project design

  • Civil site construction project/scope of
    work management

  • Plan & specification review/change condition identification

  • Project logistics/manpower and resource planning

  • Contract negotiation and administration/ Estimating
    bid preparation/ material procurement

  • Project planning scheduling/milestone management

  • Permitting inspection processes/code compliance

  • Project performance progress review/environmental

  • Budget performance management/project cost control

  • Safety & liability management/procedure development

  • Personnel and subcontractor management

  • Trades/municipalities/engineering & architectural

  • Sales process/demographic/ market analysis


Parthenon Homes Inc. – Design, build homebuilder primarily in Tampa Bay’s premier waterfront communities
From: 2000 to Present
President/Chief Executive Officer
Greater Tampa Bay & Central Florida

Business Management: Responsible in all of Company’s operations from budgeting, planning and ensuring profitable
gross sales. During the era of growth and successful years of the construction industry, the company had a consistent gross sale of 20 million and higher. The Company acquired numerous contracts and built luxury homes in Tampa Bay areas with
successful and great customer satisfaction. As CEO of the Company, I manage and worked with great team of office
administration, worked closely with purchasing managers, field supervisors, performed accounting and budgeting, marketing the company to homeowners, potential buyers, and investors, contract development and reviews, worked closely with mortgage companies, banks and financial institutions for construction draws and budgeting, responsible for payroll budgets and payables. The Company’s success and growth prior the Construction Industry’s crisis was also attributed to our
Company’s commitment to our clients, vendors, subcontractors, investors and employees.

Sales Responsibility & Accountability: My knowledge in housing enables me to sell and close sales successfully. I can
easily envision my customers housing needs and turn them onto reality. I worked with each client on their needs.
Meeting the demand of our client, I may need to overcome financial or product line obstacles. My responsibility was to overcome the
obstacles and produce a contract that will meet our profit margin goals.

Purchasing: Mentor, guide and oversee purchasing manager in all take-offs of single family, multifamily and commercial
residential projects. Personally accountable for accurate take offs in all phases of construction. From civil site to footing, slab,
block, frame, trusses, roofing, drywall, stucco, exterior trims. The ability to perform accurate takes off creating purchase and
work orders allows me to sell our homes (one hit wonder) or commercial mixed use projects at a fix price. Our contract for
the sale of a new home included everything from pools, stem wall, landscaping and fill. This Purchasing ability allows us to
provide a sales price vs. cost- plus contract. Our profit margins were not shared with our clients, this allowed us to achieve a
20% margins on our projects.

Construction: My responsibility encompasses the management and supervision of the construction managers and
superintendents in the field to ensure daily safety, quality control production, and aid construction manager in meeting
closing deadlines. Our company also incorporates pool constructions both in residential and commercial projects. Our
construction projects were all unique. I personally trained our entire staff of Construction supervisors/managers in order to
work in a most unique process of building a custom-home and commercial mix use. We emphasize attention to detail and
each customer’s needs and desire for their home. We work together as a team to deliver the home to our customers on a
timely closing date and quality ensured.

PCI – Commercial Developer specializing in mixed use multifamily development
From: 2007 to 2009
Greater Tampa Bay Area Florida

PCI is a commercial company that specializes in funding and developing commercial and multifamily developments. PCI’s
focused on goals of acquiring Capital Investments and Liability management. As president of this Company, my
responsibilities cover raising capitals, acquiring properties for future development, developing business structure between
PCI and private capital investors, working with local lending institutions to acquire the necessary capital to fund commercial
projects, and establishing business plans and scheduling in order to meet financial institutions requirements in obtaining
funding for commercial projects.

Developing Financial Partners: Establish private capital partners that will help provide capital needed to acquire
properties. Marketing and promote trust with clients and investors to acquire and sell projects. Utilizing legal services and
contractual obligations are fulfilled with all transactions. My rapport and personal integrity and honesty enabled me to build
lasting and honorable relationships with my Financial & Developing Partners.

Property Acquisitions: Worked with municipal zoning government staff in determining areas of growth. Within these
area, locate property owners through public records searches. Performed researches on property values and making offers with goals of acquiring purchase contracts. Our contracts provided 180 days of due diligence period. Our due diligence included the following: Phase 1 environmental, HOA documents draft, Utilities comments, product rough design. A typical purchase would be 4 to 5 single family lots that have the ability to increase zone to multi family or commercial mixed use (5units per ac to 20 units per ac). If the purchase was successful we will apply for new zoning and design a product, work with legal and develop HOA documents and remove existing structures. When complete the property was a good asset and financial instructions would consider lending on the future construction.

PCI was instrumental with the following Projects:

The Village of Ybor                                                                            65,000 sf project Tampa Historic District of Ybor City
La Encata Town Homes                                                                    30,000 sf project located in South Tampa
16 th street Town Homes                                                                  6 duplex built in St. Petersburg
Abanita Villas Town Homes                                                              4 quad units built near Central Ave. St. Petersburg

Watermark Communities, Inc. /Active Retirement Community
From: 1998 to 2000
Project Manager
Sun City Center, Florida

Managed all phases of the construction process of single family homes in Sun City Center retirement community. Accountable for value engineering, reviewing plans and specifications, defining scope of work, supervising trade personnel and subcontractors, monitoring code and permit compliance, conducting job site audits, reviewing construction processes for improvements, managing change orders, coordinating and scheduling project milestones, and overseeing project budgets.

U. S. Homes /Active Retirement Community
From: 1994 to 1998
Construction Manager
North Florida Division

Managed all facets of home construction projects from ground level to completion. Position mirrors Watermark Communities. Promoted from Senior Builder Position to Construction Manager in 1997.

Florida State Department of Transportation/New York State Department of Transportation
From: 1990 to 1994
Construction Inspector
Utica, New York/Clearwater, Florida

Managed contract specifications, state ordinance/code compliance, project safety practices of capital improvement and heavy highway infrastructure projects. Performed field inspections of work in progress, monitored contractor performance, and supervised/oversee project quality to inspect and correct flaws and inconsistencies in construction methods and materials. Issued non-compliance & stop notices, recommended time and cost critical revisions and generated field sketches to reflect scope changes to plans.


Associates in Applied Science Degree in Civil Engineering Technology
Mohawk Valley Community College
Utica, New York 1989 to 1991process.

Feature Company Builder/Architect, Sun-Coast Edition, January 2004,
Vol. 13 No. 1

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